Author Penelope Grenoble’s latest book, No Good Deed is now available, published by ABQ Press.

FrontCoverNoGoodDeedA first-rate debut mystery. Penelope Grenoble serves up a tangle of suspense and greed in a thought-provoking story with remarkable characters who linger.

Margaret Coel, New York Times best-selling author of Buffalo Bill’s Dead Now.


malibu0-sm“Most striking is Grenoble’s eloquent tenacity, her willingness to go through all layers of community to reach the core, even as this journey profoundly shapes her own fierce dreams.” 

—Ellen Meloy, Pulitzer Prize nominee, The Anthropology of Turquoise.

I wrote these books in tandem, although almost a half-dozen years apart. Malibu Diary is a collection of essays in which I first attempted to make sense of my experiences covering the environment in Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains. In No Good Deed my fictional surrogate Brody Cooper helps me sort out my personal relationship to the landscape I call home—and how passion for a place can distort one’s reason.