FrontCoverNoGoodDeedNo Good Deed – A Brody Cooper Mystery

Malibu can’t escape where it is—on the front line in the battle between private property rights and saving land for the public good. The glittering seaside community is what dreams are made of, but beneath the bright exterior is a dark underside. So when a thirteen-year-old boy goes missing under suspicious circumstances and a barking dog leads deputies to a battered body on a popular hiking trail, Malibu Times reporter Brody Cooper fears evil rearing its sinister head. Out to get the story, he stumbles onto a trail of double-dealing and greed and that leads him face to face with an impulsive killer—and his own demons.

Journalist Grenoble puts her familiarity with Southern California to good use in this debut mystery…the case’s solution is both surprising and logical. Additionally excellent descriptive prose—“the late afternoon light descending like a veil on the foothills, turning the rocky outcrops first to mauve, then purple, then finally drawing them down into darkness”—serves the author well.” –Publishers Weekly

 “Brody Cooper’s intelligence and curiosity make for a believable and intriguing sleuth who will keep you turning pages.”— Judith Van Gieson, author of the Neil Hamel and Claire Reynier mysteries.

No Good Deed, the first novel in the Malibu-based Brody Cooper Mystery Series is now available in both print and e book at, Barnes & and; the e book is also available at iBooks and




malibu0-smMalibu Diary – Notes from an Urban Refugee was the beginning of my awareness that below the day-to-day minutia of small town politics there were universals worth exploring. It was also my first step toward understanding the interrelationship of landscapes and lifestyles.

Grenoble realizes that in order to grow and mature, we must follow the lead of nature and return something to the surroundings from which we take sustenance. She initiates us into the frustrations of municipal politics while offering valuable insights on how to live within our chosen places.“— Maureen J. Delaney-Lehman, Library Journal.

“An unswervingly honest memoir that traces one woman’s path toward a more complex understanding of human relationships to landscape.” – Jennifer Wolch, founder, Center for Sustainable Cites, University of Southern California.

To order a signed copy of No Good Deed, send a check or money order for $22.95 (includes tax, shipping and handling); to order a signed copy of Malibu Diary, send a check or money order for $33.95 (includes tax, shipping and handling) to: Grenoble Writes, 6468 Bayberry St. Oak Park, CA 91377