Postcards from the Edge

Ceanothus is blooming in the Santa Monica Mountains, great blankets of it
marching self-confidently across the chaparral. Inspiring awe. Big pod ceanothus, such an awkward handle for such a feminine display.

Thought: Place manifesting itself, opening a window to universals that we might  recognize in our daily lives. Nature as possibility.



Practicing awareness suddenly you become very rich, very happy.

–Thich Nhat Hanh, Being Peace

Details: Ceanothus megacarous–evergreen shrub, grayish green fluted trunk, found throughout the chaparral. Flowers in small clusters, white.

From No Good Deed: Environmentalist Stan Anderson to Brody Cooper, reporter:

“…three kinds of ceanothus. Mountain Lilac to you. This one is big pod ceanothus…Doesn’t root-crown sprout after a fire, seedpods just explode. If you’re around when it happens, which you just might be because you’re nosey, you can hear it.”

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